How To Save Instagram Videos – Is It Better To Save Instagram Videos Within The Instagram App Or Directly Into Your Device?

hw to save instagram videos

Whether it’s to save a precious relic of the past or to just have a video for later – Instagram has allowed us to save Instagram videos in a couple of ways.

If you wish to know how to save Instagram videos, we highly recommend that you stay until the end of this article.

Today, we’ll cover how to save Instagram videos within the Instagram app and common methods on how to save Instagram videos directly on your device.

Which solution is better?

Stay tuned to find out!

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How To Save Instagram Videos To Camera Roll

hw to save instagram videos

Shortly after the release of the Instagram application was announced, people immediately started to wonder how to save videos from Instagram. 

Every user has reasons why they wish to save their Instagram videos. But, the most common occurrence is the need to preserve something dear to them, a moment captured with a camera that mustn’t be forgotten.

Fortunately, the masterminds behind Instagram allowed us to have several different ways to save Instagram videos – without further ado; we’ll start explaining the most commonly used method – saving Instagram videos to Camera roll:

  1. In most cases, the first step would be simply opening your Instagram app. But, to fulfill this task, you’ll need to make sure to update your Instagram application first. Once you finish with that, then you can open your Instagram app.
  2. With the main Instagram feed being shown on your screen – your Profile icon will be in the bottom left corner of your toolbar. Depending on your current Profile picture – it will either be a smaller version of it or a blank white bubble head with a round body.
  3. Tap on your Instagram Profile icon. By doing so, you’ll be presented with your Instagram Main profile, containing all there is about your profile – your general info, pictures, name, stories, and videos.
  4. As the Main profile is displayed – your next job is to find the Instagram video of your desire, which will be located within your Instagram feed. Once you find that Instagram video – click on it.
  5. All Instagram videos, regardless of their size and date, will present themselves with the same layout of options, most notably the three vertical dots located at the top right corner of your current screen.
  1. Once you find it – tap on it. From there, a pop-up menu will appear containing several different options. The one that will interest you is the Save to Camera Roll option found within the bottom half of these options.

Once you execute the previous step, the selected video will be downloaded and saved into your Camera roll. After that, it will remain intact as long as you don’t delete it manually.

With that out of the way, let’s discuss the next way to save Instagram videos – the Gallery option:

How To Save Instagram Videos To Gallery

hw to save instagram videos

People often have issues when they need to differentiate the Gallery and the Camera roll feature within their smartphones. Despite all odds, the difference between these two terms is virtually nonexistent.

Depending on your device’s year of production, current software, and other Instagram apps – a Gallery and the Camera roll will, in most cases, be the same.

Saving Instagram videos to Camera roll is the most frequently used option, as the “Camera roll” option is listed within the actions of an Instagram video. But, a different story must be told if you use the Instagram Lite app.

As the software forces you to use the same pattern for downloading and saving your Instagram videos, we won’t explain the same thing two times in a row – read the previously discussed steps until you reach the final stage.

Now, instead of the Camera roll option – the Save to Gallery option will appear. This unique feature is mainly available for users on the Instagram Lite app.

Accordingly, the same result will be achieved – your desired Instagram video will be indefinitely saved without any difficulty.

With that in mind, the two main ways of saving your Instagram videos on your device have been explained.

But what about other alternatives that allow you to save Instagram videos within the Instagram app?

Saving Instagram Videos To Collections

hw to save instagram videos

Depending on how long you are using your Instagram account – you might have stumbled upon the Collections options within the Instagram app.

In late 2016, the Collections were introduced, entirely revolutionizing the way to save your desired Instagram content without the need to involve your smartphone’s internal memory storage. 

As a result, most users were determined to only use this saving mechanism, specifically due to not wishing to crowd their internal memory needlessly.

Now, bear with us – there’s no need to wage wars between these two methods’ positive and negative sides. Everyone has their preferences, and no answer is incorrect about which form of saving you should use.

Your only task is to find what suits you more!

That being said, let’s talk about how to save Instagram videos to Collections:

  1. Open your Instagram app. You’ll need to find the Instagram video you wish to save within the Collections. 
  2. Depending on its location, proportional to the date of its creation, posting, and the person who owns that Instagram video – this might be briefly done, or it will take you a couple of minutes to find it.
  3. For further convenience, we’ll just say that some content page owns the Instagram video you follow daily. Find that content page and locate the Instagram video within their Instagram feed.
  4. Once you find that Instagram video, you can either click on it or leave it as it is; in both cases, the bookmark icon will be featured underneath your chosen Instagram video. Click on it.
  1. As soon as you click on the bookmark icon – the Instagram video will be immediately saved within your Instagram account.

An important thing to remember is that all bookmarked Instagram videos venture to the same location known as the All Posts Instagram Collection. Of course, you can always rearrange this basic setting by optimizing your Instagram Collections.

As we might discuss more on this in the future – we’ll only quickly explain what you need to do:

Locate the Saved options within your main Instagram profile. From there, you’ll need to create a new collection that can be optimized with your chosen name and profile picture.

The number of your unique Instagram collections has no limit – you can create, delete, merge, and so forth until you are satisfied with your collections’ outline.

Now, depending on your tampering within the Instagram Collections, you’ll be presented with the Save to Collection once you tap on the bookmark icon.

From there, all your previously created collections will be presented within the bookmark option – choose the one where you wish to save that Instagram video.

As a result, that and any other Instagram video will be saved permanently within your Instagram app without the need to burden your smartphone’s internal memory, which can affect the overall performance of your device.

Lastly, we’ll discuss how to save Instagram videos to Archive:

Saving Instagram Videos To Archive

With the last entry on today’s list of saving Instagram videos, the Archive method is the least used saving mechanism on Instagram.

In simple terms, Instagram stories or other posts you wish to preserve in a private folder within your Instagram account must be placed in the Instagram Archive.

How do we achieve that?

  1. Select your Instagram app and click on your profile picture.
  2. Once you arrive at your main profile, you’ll need to find the three horizontal lines located in the top-right corner of your current display. Find it and tap on it.
  1. Tapping the three horizontal lines will force a new menu that features the Archive option.

All your Instagram videos, posts, and stories in the Archive folder will be saved as long as you turn on this feature or manually select the posts to hide them within the Archive.

If you wish to leave that task to your Instagram app, you need to tap on the Settings in the three horizontal lines and toggle on Stories to Instagram Archive within the Privacy tab.

How To Save Instagram Videos – Conclusion

So, today we learned how to save Instagram videos. Before we depart, let’s discuss the main elements of this story:

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  • Instagram videos can be saved directly onto your device or within the Instagram app.
  • Picking one from the other is only a matter of preference – saving videos within the app won’t hinder your internal memory.

Keep your precious videos at all times, and make sure to visit us again soon!

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