How to Repost on Instagram? – The Complete Guide to Reposting Posts From Others

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Instagram is one of the major social media platforms to have if you are building your business. With Instagram, it can be easy to create a new following and strengthen your brand image. 

However, it can be relatively tricky to constantly create new content for your page to see the effect. That is where reposting on Instagram comes in, as it’s a powerful tool to build your brand.

Several social media platforms offer the reposting option, and reposting is a breeze on those platforms. On Instagram, however, it’s not that easy to repost.

Lucky for you, we’ve got your back – and we’ll show you a couple of ways in the guide on reposting a post on Instagram. So, let’s dive into reposting posts from others – just keep scrolling!

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How to Repost on Instagram?

Well, let’s cover something a bit more crucial critical dive into reposting – and that is copyrights to posts. Whenever you create a new post or story for Instagram, you are the sole owner of that photo or video copyright.

The same goes for anyone else – reposting something means taking credit for someone else’s work, and Instagram won’t stand for it. That is why you will need to contact the owner of the content you wish to repost to ask for permission to repost.

We will cover all the tips on how st like a pro later in the article, so make it before you repost something. Now, reposting is relatively simple as it is, but it can be challenging for someone still new to social media. 

So, let’s dive into the steps on how to repost without breaking a sweat!

  1. First, you must log into Instagram if you aren’t logged in already and find a post that genuinely resonates with your brand. It should also look flush with your feed, so make sure to find a post that goes well with your chosen colors – it needs to look flush, not stand out. 
  2. When you find that post, you will take a screenshot of it. Note that when you take a screenshot, the phone will capture the entire screen, including your battery status and everything – but there is no need to edit the photo in an editor; you can do it all in-app. Taking screenshots is easy; you can usually do it by pressing the decrease volume button and the lock screen button. 
  1. Now that you have taken a screenshot, it’s time to go back to your home page. When you go to it, you will find a + button in the top bar, located a bit to the right. Tap on that to add content, and there you will get a drop-down menu. 
  1. In the drop-down menu, choose Post and tap on that.
  1. Now, Instagram will automatically open the last, newest photo in your gallery. If that’s not the one you want, you can find below the photo you wish to repost. Then, resize the photo to hide the rest of the screenshot – position the screenshot so you can only see the photo in the square. When you’re done, tap on the arrow icon in the upper right corner. 
  1. Now, it’s time to add a fun filter if you want to. As for the editing of the photo, make sure to ask for permission first – it’s not the best idea to tackle editing the photo without getting permission from the copyright owner.

    When you are done editing, tap again on the arrow icon in the upper right corner. 
  1. Now, it’s time to finish up the post. Here, you can write a caption – which is the best place to credit the content creator. You can also tag them and add a specific location to boost the visibility of your post. When you’re done, tap on the icon in the upper right corner to post the photo, and that’s it!

Reposting Apps

Note that there are several reposting apps available on the App Store if you use iOS or the Play Store if you have an Android. All of those apps work rather well at reposting, but they are the best if you want to find out how to repost a video on Instagram. 

You would have to take a screen recording to repost videos without a reposting app, and cutting the video can be a pain. So, if you want to repost a video, stick to reposting apps – there are plenty of them available – but make sure to pick one of the best-rated ones just to be safe! 

Reposting apps are also neat because they automatically add a watermark to the photo, so it remains credited. With screenshots, you will have to get explicit permission to post the said photo and credit it in the caption.

How to Repost a Story On Instagram?

If you were wondering how to repost someone’s story on Instagram, we got your back!

It’s pretty straightforward – and it only takes a couple of steps to do it.

  1. First, you will find a post you like and wish to post on your story. 
  1. Then, you will find a paper plane below the post and tap on it.
  1. Now, there will be an option called Add to your story, so tap on that.
  1. Here, you will have the option to add some stickers or neat filters that look good with your brand.
  1. Then, tap on Share, and you will have the option to share your story or share it with your close friends. 
  1. Choose what you like and post the story!

Super simple, right?

When you repost something on your story, the creator will automatically be credited. Also, keep in mind that the creator will be notified you reposted something on your story.

Tips for Reposting like a Pro

Repostingitself may be easy, but if you want to build your brand, you need to have a few tips in your pocket before you start. The goal is to build strong relationships with people that relate to your brand – and if you repost their posts, it could be mutually beneficial – to build your and their engagement rate.

Ask for Permission to Repost

Just like we have already talked about, when you find a photo you truly like and want to repost it, you will need to ask the copyright owner for permission. We advise you to keep it as simple as possible – just DM the content creator via Instagram messaging, and that’s it. 

If you don’t receive a response in a while, you could try a different approach – search their profile for a business e-mail and e-mail them about permission to repost a certain post. It’s usually included in the bio, but it could have its own button, too. 

If you want to go extra, compliment the creator on the said post and write something thoughtful. Also, you can add the reason why you want to share that photo – for example, it could resonate with your brand, or your brand is mentioned in the post.

Refrain from Editing Posts from Others

Once you have found a photo you love and you have obtained permission to repost it – you should simply repost it and leave it alone. Touching up and editing photos others have taken is considered bad manners. 

If you already like it, chances are that the photo looks good unedited and untouched. However, if you feel like the photo could be better with a small edit, contact the content creator first. They will need to give you permission to edit it – or they could be offended and revoke the permission to post the photo in the first place. 

Add Credit

The principal note for reposting posts from others is to add credit where credit’s due. If you repost someone’s post, make sure you give credit in the caption. 

The easiest way to credit the person is to add their username in the caption. Instagram captions that are longer than three lines are hidden past the first three lines, so make sure to include the credit in the first three lines. 

If you don’t, the credit won’t be visible as users will have to click on ‘more…’ – and let’s be frank, nobody does that. 

You can add credit in a few different ways:

  • Photo credit: @username
  • Captured by: @username 
  • 📷: @username 
  • Thanks, @username, for sharing this amazing photo!

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Final Thoughts

Lastly – reposting is easy, but you will need to keep an eye on the copyright. Make sure to contact the owner of the photo before you post and ask for permission. If they don’t respond to your DM, shoot them an e-mail and make sure to add a compliment on the photo you like.

Reposting itself is fairly easy, just make sure to follow all the steps on how to repost on Instagram story and post!

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