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It only takes 1 minute.


Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

Stim Social puts the safety of your account first, that is why our system consists of influencer marketing and advertising to ensure nothing happens to your profile. The system is up to date with Instagram’s guidelines & policies, making your purchase 100% safe.

What kind of followers am I getting?

There is a huge difference between real and fake followers. If Instagram recognizes the followers you gain as fake, they could ban or possibly terminate your account. That's why we at Stim provide only real and relevant followers that are targeted, thus never threatening your account.

When can I expect to gain followers?

Other services will offer you "instant" followers. Here at Stim, we find that a bad practice, since it can be a red flag with Instagram's rules. You will have an option to choose "fast", "medium", or "slow" follower growth, and you will gain a daily increase on your account through a period of 1 month. Your safety always comes first.

What's the purchase proccess?

Once you have selected your Promotion, you will be contacted by one of our Growth Experts to specify further steps in your growth path. Schedule a call now - no signup or IG account password are required!
By the way, we have an awesome support team that is available 24h/7.

What if I'm using another Instagram service?

While your promotional plan is in progress, you are completely free to use any other Instagram automation tool or software. Our promotional system doesn't directly connect to your account, allowing you to continue with your growth like you did before.
Though, we always recommend using this service alongside our Organic Automation Tool.

How will I gain followers?

Our promotional system consists of influencer shoutouts, social shares, and custom-made advertisements. This way, we make sure your account gets followers that are real, engaging, and relevant to your target audience.